Christin Bolewski


experimental video, 2D/3D Animation, HDV-PAL, Color 6,02 min, Sound Stereo 1+2, 2009


A second artwork, MOUNTAIN-WATER-PAINTING continues the process of reinterpreting Chinese aesthetics into Western digital visualisation technology using a comparative methodology: Designed as a horizontal hand scroll, it was generated by the video painting SHAN-SHUI-HUA, which itself is derived from the traditional hanging scroll. New knowledge in film practice is generated by 1) investigating the traditional Chinese hand scroll, often referred to as first motion picture, as a piece of Western film practice; 2) applying the traditional shifting perspective ‘SanDianTouShi’ (‘axonometry’ or parallel perspective) and 3) translating this into Western cinematic language and montage principles.

To demonstrate the multi-disciplinary and comparative cross-cultural approach of SHAN-SHUI-HUA and MOUNTAIN-WATER-PAINTING and its significance to various disciplines theoretical reflections and findings of the practice-based research process in relation to: A) digital visualization and animation practice; B) film practice and studies; C) cross-cultural art; D) ecological art; E) sinology and philosophy; F) practice-based research were contextualised and disseminated to the respective international academic communities (A-F) through 11 conference papers and three journal publications including International Journal of Technology Knowledge and Society, Journal of Chinese Studies, EVA London 2008, CEPHAD 2010 Copenhagen, ACAH 2010 Osaka Japan, FILE Symposium 2008 Sao Paulo,  etc. (see all papers attached on CD)
Proceeding from Chinese thought and aesthetics the traditional concept of landscape painting ‘Shan-Shui-Hua’ (mountain-water-painting) is recreated as modern video art. Chinese landscapes usually include small human figures that blend harmoniously into the vast world around them. Man and nature interact and complement each other to reach a state of balance and harmony. The ‘video scroll’ transposes this traditional relation of man and nature into a different, more contemporary Western manner: it uses the figure of the Western mountaineer equipped with special tools and protective clothing to vanquish the highest peaks in order to conquer nature rather than searching for harmonious existence, thus counterpointing Eastern and Western ideals. The ambient ‘video scroll’ presents two poems of the famous Chinese poet Han Shan as a reflection on the Western mountaineers fight against nature ascending and descending the highest peaks counterpointing the Chinese attempt of spiritual harmony.

MOUNTAIN-WATER-PAINTING was published in Aspect Magazine: Chronicle of New Media Art 2010 Awarded Special Mention at Monographic Show of Media Art 2012, Colombia and at SHORTZ International Film Festival Serbia 2011. Presented at Reimaging the Archive Symposium, Film Dept. of UCLA Los Angeles 2010 and at 31 international juried film festivals worldwide in 19 countries, including European Media Art Festival 2010 Germany; Moves10: Framing Motion,; Split Film Festival 2009 It contributed to touring exhibition, Letters from the Sky for COP17 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2011, South Africa
Screenings / Festivals
2009 Naoussa Short Film Festival Greece
2009 Back_up Festival Weimar Germany
2009 Images contre nature, Marseille France
2009 Animator Festival Pozna? Poland - 2nd International Animated Film Competition
2009 Rushes Soho Shorts & Tenderpix Experimental Film Festival London UK,
2009 Videoholica International Video Art Festival, Varna Bulgaria
2009 Split Film Festival 2009 , Croatia
2009 Canary Warf Film Festival London UK
2009 Oblo Film Festivall (OFF) Lausanne Switzerland
2009 Concorto Film Festival Pontenure Italy
2009 22nd Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Ecole d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence France
2009 Fonlad #05_09 - Digital Landscapes, TMG Gallery, Guarda, Portugal
2009 INVIDEO 2009 – 19th International Exhibition of Video and Cinema Beyond, Milan Italy
2009 Vision Art 2009 – Visual Art in Movement Exhibition, part of Visionaria -18 International
Toscana Video Festival
2009 Videoholica special selection'09 at VisualContainer TV Milano Italy
2009 INOUT – Contemporary Video Art Festival, ?a?nia Contemporary Art Centre, Gda?sk
2009 Videoholica special selection'09 at Kanal Kobenhavn Denmark
2009 VIDEOMEDEJA, Novi Sad Serbia
2009 Videoholica Special Selection at Contemporary Art Terminal/ He Xiangning Art Museum,
Shenzhen, China
2010 MOVES10: FRAMING MOTION, Liverpool UK
2010 700IS Reindeerland International Experimental Film and Video Festival, East Iceland
2010 European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck, Germany
2010 Gaza's International Festival for Video Art, Special screening selection of Instants Vidéo
Numériques et poétiques Marseille
2010 The 2ndAllArtNow International New Media Art Festival Damascus/Syria
2010 International Digital Art Festival, National Academy of Art Sofia Bulgaria
2010 Festival of Digital (In)appropriations at the Symposium Reimagining the Archive –
Remapping and Remixing Traditional Models in the Digital Era, School of Theater, Film
and Television, University of California, Los Angeles
2010 Visions in the Nunnery 2010, The Nunnery Gallery, the Bow Arts Trust, London UK
2010 III International Festival of Video Art, Camagüey 2010 Cuba
2010 Facade Video Festival Plovdiv/Bulgaria
2011 1st Sestriere Film Festival, International Festival of Mountain Film, Sestriere (Torino) Italy
2011 28th Autrans International Mountain Film Festival France
2011 2nd VAFA - Video Art For ALL Int. Video Festival 2011 Macau/Hongkong
2011 SHORTZ – VERTIGO INt. Short Flm and Video Festival Novi Sad Serbia
2012 Experiments in Cinema v7.9 – Albuquerque/New Mexico/USA
2012 West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival USA
2012 The Monographic Show of Media Art, XI FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LA IMAGEN Colombia
2012 2nd Kathmandu International Art Festival Nepal