Christin Bolewski


wall-mounted Video Painting, single screen video installation, 2D/3D digital animation, HDV-PAL, 15,19 min video loop, 2008


The practice responds to the question of how the methodology of digital visualisation can contribute to the emerging genre of high-definition ‘video painting’. SHAN-SHUI-HUA is derived from technical and theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese landscape art and contemporary digital visualisation technology. As video painting, it is a hybrid form of still and moving images (process and subject matter), which fuse traditional Chinese philosophy and still imagery with contemporary Western digital 2D/3D animation/film practice. It creates innovative, complex cross-cultural relationships, which are expressed through practice and, because of the specialist, Chinese content it develops new knowledge in an emergent interdisciplinary, contemporary visual genre: A) Drawing on writings by contemporary French philosopher-sinologist, Francois Jullien, (Detour and Access 2004) the artefact explores the ways in which digital technologies - primarily geared to Western applications - can facilitate exploration of spatial terrain, and how this revises aesthetic orthodoxies, Chinese or otherwise. B) The Eastern multi-perspective concept of space and the endless scroll format are explored through digital animation, compositing and virtual camera systems. C) The narrative content addresses a comparison between Eastern and Western culture and philosophy through the relationship between humankind and nature, and it evokes a sustainable and responsible use of nature in a fragile globalized ecological environment.
The artefact received peer appraisal: Presented at 10 international juried digital media events in nine countries in the East and West including world-leading SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Gallery exhibition FILE Festival Brazil, Pixilerations [v.6] USA It won a Honourable Mention at International Digital Media Festival Transito mx_03 2009 Mexico City and was a finalist at Contemporary EcoArt Contest Italy 2009 initiated by the European Union Bolewski was invited to participate in the Eco Japan Cup 2011 competition initiated by the Japanese Government to promote ecological awareness after the Tsunami 2011.

To demonstrate the multi-disciplinary and comparative cross-cultural approach of SHAN-SHUI-HUA and its significance to various disciplines theoretical reflections and findings of the practice-based research process in relation to: A) digital visualization and animation practice; B) film practice and studies; C) cross-cultural art; D) ecological art; E) sinology and philosophy; F) practice-based research were contextualised and disseminated to the respective international academic communities (A-F) through 11 conference papers and three journal publications including International Journal of Technology Knowledge and Society, Journal of Chinese Studies, EVA London 2008, CEPHAD 2010 Copenhagen, ACAH 2010 Osaka Japan, FILE Symposium 2008 Sao Paulo,  etc. (see all papers attached on CD
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2008 FILE – Electronic Language Festival 2008, Sao Paulo Brazil
2008 Design Cinema Conference 2008 – Art Exhibition, Istanbul Turkey
2008 SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, Art Gallery Exhibition, Singapore
2009 Traverse Video – Interstice et Porosite; Toulouse France
2009 Nordes 09 – Engaging Artefacts Conference, Oslo Norway
2009 Pixileration New Media Festival Providence Rhode Island USA
2009 ESPACIO ENTER project of ART TECH MEDIA Teneriffe Spain
2009 Transitio_Mx 03: Autonomies of Disagreement – New Media Art and Video
International Festival, Centro National de las Artes Mexico – Mexico City, awarded
with Honorable Mention
2010 Finalist of Contemporary EcoArt Contest Italy, Aranciera di San Sisto Rome Italy
2011 POLLUTION: thematic project by, experimental internet platform: