Christin Bolewski

Universal Tourist

experimental video, Mini-DV-PAL, Color 7,46 min, Sound Stereo 1+2, 2011


Part of an ongoing research project in contemporary moving image practice, this experimental video creates a new hybrid form existing between photographic and cinematic practice and is a contemporary crossover of traditional documentary, ethnographic and experimental film/photographic practice. Being both a documentary video and a sociological-cultural study of a global phenomenon of mass consumer culture, the practice interrogates tourist photographic practice - the process of taking holiday snapshots. An observation methodology is employed to study and record tourist behaviour at 16 popular global tourist destinations. The photographic pose of the traveller and the ‘decisive moment’ of photography are explored as moving image - the camera takes pictures of people taking pictures, recording them while they record themselves. In this cycle of exchange, photographic ‘truth’, the ‘real’, staged and authentic moments are questioned in relation to photographic and sociological theory.

‘UNIVERSAL TOURIST’ is presented either as linear videotape at film screenings or as a single channel video installation presented on a digital photo frame. The digital photo frame is a new technological development mainly used in the domestic area to present family and holiday snapshots. Utilising the concept of ‘remediation’ ‘UNIVERSAL TOURIST’ investigates the artistic potential of this new digital device and its potential to intervene between still and moving image practice, common culture and ‘high art’.

‘UNIVERSAL TOURIST’ was presented until now at IDEAS11: Design + Innovation + Story = ART, The 9th International Digital Media Arts Association Conference 2011 USA and at 14 international juried digital media and film festivals worldwide in 11 countries including VII Monographic Show of Media Art Colombia, 4th Int. Video-Art Festival Camagüey Cuba 2011, Instants Vidéo Poétiques Marseille France 2011, ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS - International Festival of Innovation & Digital Culture, Canary Island 2010.
Screenings / Festivals
2010 KLEX - Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival, Malaysia
2010 Facade Video Festival Plovdiv/Bulgaria
2010 ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS - International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture Tenerife, Canary Island
2010 4rd IN OUT International Video Festival 2010 Gdansk/Poland, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art
2011 AllArtNow - The 3rd International festival for contemporary art Damaskus/Syria
2011 Images contre Nature, International Festival of Experimental Video, Marseille France
2011 Video Art Festival Miden Greece
2011 Façade Videofestival Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2011 Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques Marseille France
2011 4th Int. Video-Art Festival Camagüey Cuba
2011 IDEAS11: Design + Innovation + Story = ART, The 9th International Digital Media Arts Association Conference 2011, Savannah Georgia USA
2012 Goethe Institut Toulouse in cooperation with Traverse Video Festival
2012 "Planet Bicycle" exhibition Athens in cooperation with Video Art Festival Miden Greece
2012 The Monographic Show of Media Art, XI FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LA IMAGEN Colombia
2012 Visionaria Int. Video Festival Italy (14.-21-April 2012)
2012 Simultan Media Art Festival 8, Timisoara Romania