Christin Bolewski and Thorsten Hoven

WorldVideo 40North
24 hours along latitude 40North

Event on Saturday September 9, 1995
12:00 pm CET
  • artwork - installation

All video and sound recordings will be gathered in a circular architecture, 10m in diameter, which is based on the Earth's grid.

24 monitors corresponding to the 24 places on 40N play back the original recordings simultaneously to reconstruct the initial hour.

The visitor entering this world gains a non real point of view around the Earth and experiences different time and events.

An interactive sound environment created by the sounds of the 24 locations, moving in a circle, gives the visitor the possibility to influence the sound space of the installation.

With an interface he can
stop the constantly flowing sound and priviledge the sound of one of the spaces, chosing to hear it clearly and turn down the others.

From the beginning the project was accompanied by a permanentely generated website. It contains all documents and documentations to be reached worldwide:

A two hour
"PortraitVideo" was edited including all portraits, selected moments from the recordings and documents of the communication.

Linear video and sound experiments show different aspects of the main topic "time and space"

"Time is a 3 dimensional unit of passage."
Kevin Norris, Springfield Il

These works along with the architecture, the sound installation and some computer animations give a complex representation of the project and its presentation.