Christin Bolewski and Thorsten Hoven

WorldVideo 40North
24 hours along latitude 40North

Event on Saturday September 9, 1995
12:00 pm CET
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WorldVideo 40North is a world-wide video art project realized with modern media and communication technologies. lt is originated from the idea of creating a network of people and places around the Earth.

On Septeber 9, 1995 at 12:00 pm CET, people in
24 time zones along the Earth's 40th degree North latitude line recorded their surroundings for one hour.

These recordings present a
moment in time viewed from 360 degrees around the Earth.

Time is a medium in which we live, giving us a way at remembering, looking ahead, and placing events in context. Our invention of machines to measure time is a weak attempt to turn it into a commodity.
Travis Linn, Reno

The project is dealing with the relativity of time and space, the simaltaneity of local events and the individual awarness of things happening.

lt is a document about countries, cultures and different life-styles

The 24 recording places were in 10 countries and on board of 9 ships on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. More than 150 people took part. They were media professionals and artists as well as people from other professions.

People and places have been represented in different media:
video, photography, audio recordings and personal written "portrait books".

The communication process involved internet, mail, phone, fax, radio and satellite.

lt reflects the created
interlingual and intermedial network as well als the communication structures around the world.