Christin Bolewski

    end of the world

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The video "Weltende" is related to the poem "Weltende" from Jacob van Hoddis. With this poem written in 1910 van Hoddis became a founder of the German, expressionistic poetry and a forerunner of Dada and futurism.

His poem mirrors the revolt against the Wilhelminian society and a conventional citizenship, whose narrowminded conventions helped in unfolding World War 1. With the help of an extreme pronounciation of emotions, expression and irony, this poem tries to strike back at a society of upcoming industry and rationalism.

While the lyric topics the coalition of snugness and common disaster, the video uses terms of hightechiness to refer on the tense period of expressionism. By editing the historic footage in a nowaddays style and the using of sophisticated technics there is unfortunately a link to actual conflicts. Blending documentary footage from Kaiser Wilhelm's Empire and World War 1 with stylistic elements of Expressionist painting, poetry, muisc, idiom and film, advanced visual
and sound effects were deployed to create a free audiovisual adaptation of the poem. The sound composition was digitally produced working exclusively with the speech, singing and noises of a human voice.

The combination of editing, image asthetic and the reduced experimental sound composition gives a complete audiovisual work, which connects the expressive athmosphere of the young century with the advanced media techniques of the ending century.