Christin Bolewski

    end of the world

  • technical data

"WELTENDE', "End of the World"

adapted to the poem "Weltende" from Jacob van Hoddis

Video: Betacam SP (b/w and color), length:6'05min, PAL
Sound: Stereo with NR on

Idea and Realisation: Christin Bolewski
"Sound Composition": Christin Bolewski and Peter Kiefer

Hans Holzbecher

produced at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
© 1995 by Christin Bolewski
GEMA for sound: © 1995 by Peter Kiefer - Aachen

Technical details of video-production
original documentary 16mm films transfered to Betacam SP
Digital editing offline with Avid Media Composer
Digital image work with Quantel Harry and Paintbox
Post-Editing at Sony-Betacam BVE 9000

Technical details of audio-production
multichannel digital sound work with Macintosh
Digidesign, Sound Designer, Cubase Audio and MIDI Sampler Akai S 1100.
Mixing: 32 tracks digital machine Mitsubishi X850
automatical Solid State Logic Konsole,
Lexicon 480 and Eventide 5000 echos.
Digitalmaster as SD-file and DAT-cassette.