Christin Bolewski

    end of the world

  • sound

The complete sound production uses exclusively the material of a human voice. The German actor Hans Holzbecher recites the text of the poem "Weltende" with words and sounds.
This material was used to create the sound of the whole video by editing and sampling and gives the video a very special and expressive sound.

Original sounds like cars, trains, machines, the
sound of an imaginary film projector, marching soldiers, jubilating people and the Explosion of projectiles are made out of vowel and consonant fragments of the poems words, which are new combinated or modulated by sampling. Even the athmospheric sound (breathing noise) and musical elements are only made out of this voice material. A "Silent film" piano plays the melody of "Heil Dir im Siegerkranz" (famous song of this period) and gives the sound to the rolling car wheels. Ballet-dancer move to an organ song, which is created out of the syllable "da" from the word "Dachdecker", which means roofer.

Only the position in the stereo sound was placed in the sound mix and some sounds were added with echo. There are no other effects or electronic sounds used.

The composition was created in cooperation with the composer Peter Kiefer. To give a name to our work the word "Sound composition" seems to be the best.