Christin Bolewski


Christin Bolewski is a digital media and sound artist and experimental filmmaker from Germany. Undergraduate studies in film, video and photography, postgraduate studies in audiovisual media at Academy of Media Arts Cologne Germany. Researcher and lecturer at Academy of Media Arts Cologne Germany, Konstfack Stockholm Sweden, UCSC California US, Loughborough University UK. Professorship in Audiovisual Media FH Lemgo Germany.
Her work is a critical investigation of the potential of digital media to expand the aesthetic possibilities of audiovisual / film art. It includes video installation, genre mix, alternation and remediation of traditional art concepts / film structures, nonlinear storytelling, combination of still / moving image, video / photography.
Regular exhibitions at international digital media art events in Europe, Asia, North and South America, including SIGGRAPH Asia, Worldwide Video Festival Den Haag, FILE Brazil, Transmediale Berlin. Her work has been exhibited at international exhibition spaces such as Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen, Bundeskunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Bonn, Centre international d‘art contemporain de Montreal, Dt. Kinemathek Berlin, UNESCO Paris, Musee d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, Centro Nacional de las Artes Mexico, Centre d‘Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie France, Museum Ludwig Köln, Art Cologne Germany. Her work has also been shown at retrospective film festivals such as Manifestation on video-art and videomaking of the last 15 years at Rialto Filmtheatre, Amsterdam 1997 or Feministic Film Festivals in Europe 1973-1997, at Dt. Kinemathek, Berlin. awarded with UNESCO Webprize, etc.




Christin’s research interests are in the area of:
  • Film, video, digital media art, electronic sound
  • Artistic use and expression of digital media technologies
  • Postmodern media theory
  • Film and sound psychology
  • Postmodern and digital audiovisual narratives
  • Non linear and database narratives
  • 2D-Animation and digital video post-production
Christin disseminates her research to a large variety of international audiences, which include academia, media industry and public audiences through presentations at museums, art galleries, film festivals, digital art festivals and symposia, academic conferences, journal and book publications as well as through collaboration with media industry, political and cultural organisations.
Her most recent research projects include cross-cultural Investigations of Eastern and Western art practice and philosophy. SHAN-SHUI-HUA is a cross-cultural artistic artefact, which redefines Chinese traditional landscape art within the emerging genre of the high-definition ‘video painting’ as a hybrid form between still and moving image. It uses digital visualization technology to investigate relationships between traditional Chinese art practices / philosophy and contemporary (Western) digital 2D/3D visualization, animation and film practice. Findings from the practice-based research process are analyzed and contextualized in relation to a number of related fields such as digital visualization and animation practice; cross-cultural art; sinology; design and philosophy; film, cinema and design practice; practice-based research and disseminated to the respective international academic communities.
UNIVERSAL TOURIST is a practice-based research project in contemporary moving image practice. It is an experimental video, which creates a new hybrid form between photographic and cinematic practice by investigating the artistic potential of the digital photo frame as a new digital device and its potentials between still and moving image practice, common culture and ‘high art’. The video it is a contemporary crossover of traditional documentary, ethnographic and experimental film (photographic) practice. It is a sociological and cultural study of a global phenomenon of mass consumer culture: it interrogates tourist photographic practices - the holiday snapshot.
JOURNEYS IN TRAVEL is a work-in-progress multi-disciplinary research project in and investigates contemporary modes of non-linear digital database storytelling based on algorithmic computer-controlled systems. It is a nonlinear experimental film installation, which tells a never-ending complex story of travel and establishes its own unique setting amongst the multiple approaches towards nonlinear narratives by investigating structural relationships between travelogue, cinematic essay and digital database narrative, which can be called accordingly a ‘database essay.’  It further investigates the viewers’ cognitive and emotional engagement in an audiovisual nonlinear narrative construction by drawing onto recent research findings from brain science and neurophysiology. It investigates and translates structural relationships between film, rhythm and music, specifically related to principles of European macro-aleatoric (chance-based) music composition.