Christin Bolewski
Projekte / Auswahl

audiovisual projects

awarded with special mention at ORILLA'06, Museo Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe, Argentina
  • "Shan-Shui-Hua"
    wall-mounted video painting
    cross-cultural investigation
    2D/3D digital animation 2008

awarded with Honorable Mention at Transitio_mx 03 2009 Mexico City
Finalist at Contemporary EcoArt Contest Italy 2010 initiated by the EU
special mention Videoformes 2002,
Clermond Ferrand, France
  • "Ghosts before breakfast"
    Computermusik, Komposition
    zum gleichnahmigen Film "Vormittagsspuk"
    von Hans Richter (1927), 1996

awarded with Special Mention at VERTIGO-SHORTZ int. Film Festival Novi Sad Serbia

"Universal Tourist"
experimental documentary
digital photo frame installation

  • "WorldVideo 40North"
    worldwide videoart project weltweites Videokunstprojekt /
    in collaboration with
    in Zusammenarbeit mit Thorsten Hoven, 1995-1997
awarded with the UNESCO WebPrize 1998 - Honorable Mention
  • "Weltende."
    audiovisual paraphrase Audiovisuelle Nachdichtung eines expressionistischen Gedichts
    expressionist poetry
    1995, 6,05min, Betacam SP, Farbe/sw, PAL, Stereo

"Journeys in Travel"
nonlinear database cinematic essay
work in progress 2011-13

awarded with the Polish Public TV Channel 2 special prize
at the 6th International New Media Art Biennale WRO 97
  • "Ein Tag"
    experimental video
    Experimentelles Kurzvideo, 1994, 2min, Betacam SP, Farbe, PAL, Stereo

  • "Germinations 6"4 projector slide show
    8 Projektoren Diaschau, 1989, 10min, Farbe, Stereo

  • "Entlarvt"
    4 projector slide show
    4 Projektoren Diaschau, 1989, 6min, Farbe, Stereo