Christin Bolewski

still life in motion

wall-mounted video painting, single screen video installation, digital animation; 8,25 min, HDV, 2005
created as part of SONY Bravia Motion Art Project, curated by Marcel Odenbach;


Still life in motion is a single screen video art installation created as part of the SONY Braviamotionart project to test and promote the artistic potential of their newest High Definition Video and flatscreen technologies. The project was curated by the international established German video artist Marcel Odenbach and is testing cooperative forms of art creation between independent artists and a major brand.
The work is a research into the new artistic genre of the ambient ‘video painting’, which can be characterized (according to the theory of ‘remediation’ of Bolter and Grusin) as a hybrid form between still and moving image practice that relies on a multilayered video stream and the play of slow gradual transition.
The classical genre of the still life painting is reinvented as an object of modern video art. The canvas is replaced by a large HD flatscreen, expanded by perspective of time and space reconstructing and deconstructing the issues of the still life genre at the same time.
Exploring the possibilities of modern digital video processing the motif gets fragmented through a collage of established traditional film codes revealing techniques of cubistic painting practice representing issues of time and space perspective.
The work was distributed in different ways. It was first presented at the international art fair ‘ARTCOLOGNE 2005’ in Germany and at other international media art exhibitions in Europe and South America. It won a special mention at ORILLA'06, Museo Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe, Argentina. A limited video art edition of 250 DVD copies has been distributed by SONY. The aesthetics of this new moving image practice and the performance of time in video paintings have been analysed in academic papers presented together with the work at international conferences such as CADE 2007 Perth Australia, DRHA 2007 Dartington UK, ‘Performance Research’ Journal.
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