Christin Bolewski
UCSC University of Santa Cruz, California USA

Seminare/ workshops, lectures SS 05


  • Documentary Film - Direct Cinema

  • Digital Video production

F175 Documentary Video Workshop - Direct Cinema, Cinema Verité
Summercourse 2004

Tue - Th 5:30 PM - 9:15 PM
Instructor: Christin Bolewski

Workshop in documentary video production, development of critical standards, ethical issues and technical methods.

The mobility and flexibility of modern small digital video equipment makes it possible to return to strategies of the "Direct Cinema / Cinema Verité" tradition in documentary film making. The concept of "Direct Cinema" is exclusively based on handhold camera and original recording of image and sound without any manipulation or mise en scéne during the recording process. This immediacy in representing reality keeps the film maker in the position of an objective observer who does not influences the situation and results in a very authentic, unconventional and direct style.

Using the aesthetic concept of "Direct Cinema" students will realise short documentary videos (app. 5 min length) which should be portraits of people living in Santa Cruz. Screening of "Direct Cinema" documentaries will be included in the workshop.

Each student is responsible for the completion of short documentaries from assignments

Prerequisite: FILM 170
After registering, all students are required to have an email interview with the instructor regarding their experience with video making, digital or video production and recording techniques, and
their experience with Final Cut Pro editing on Macintosh computers.

Students will mainly work in groups or individually, as authors / creators of their videos, collaboration during production is encouraged and expected as part of the course. Attendance and participation in the class is essential, missing two or more classes unexcused, will result in a Not Pass grade.

Costs: Each student is responsible for the cost of material required to complete the project

Some chapters of the following books will be available by paper copies at the beginning of the workshop:
1 Nonfiction Film - A Critical History, Richard M. Borsam
2 New Documentary: A Critical Introduction, Stella Bruzzi
3 A Cinema of Nonficition, William Guynn
4 Documentary Film Classics, William Rothman
5 New Challenges for Documentary, edited by Alan Rosenthal
6 Representing Reality, Bill Nichols